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Meeting pods

The meeting pod is the all new essential for the modern office. Designed for a dog food factory these meeting spaces are inflenced by the dog kennel. Each pod is a different size allowing flexibitlty in the office.

New offices for a large company in Rochdale

Just before Covid struck I was involved in the complete redesign / refresh of some very large offices in Rochdale.

With careful planning and working closely with the client I was able to get the number of employees required for each department including a certain number required for expansion fitting nicely into the space, with interesting and exciting breakout spaces and multi functional areas for there diverse needs. 

To Be Continued.... 

Nickelodeon Land - Sponge Bob shop

The new retail unit at Blackpool pleasure beaches' Nickelodeon land was completed during the spring of 2011. The Brief was to create an exciting fun space in line with the brand of Nickelodeon and working closely with the client. I was involved from concept to completion and produced hand sketched ideas followed by models and finally drawings and a full specification of finishes. I regularly made site visits and worked closely with the team to produce a fantastic space, within budget and on time!

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